Products & Services

Skinny Planks

Our 25cm x 1m skinny planks bring new proportion and scale to carpet tile, giving you new power to create fresh, exciting floor designs.

Public Space

The busy spaces where hordes of people congregate—airports, convention centers and stadiums—have to stand up to an inordinate amount of wear and tear. That’s where the supreme durability and efficient maintenance of Interface modular carpet tile proves invaluable.


The proven performance and flexibility of Interface modular carpet tile extends beyond award winning design and easy maintenance. Our products can enhance the consumer experience in a variety of retail environments.


Over 40 million square metres installed since 2006! TacTiles® are the proven glue-free and sustainable way to install Interface modular flooring.

Health Care

Healthy, healing & safe spaces for healthcare facilities plus the operational & cost benefits of modular carpet tiles.

Corporate Office

Create the right corporate office environment, improve work performance & update & transform commercial offices with modular carpets.

Base Build

Our Premium Base Build collection has been structured to help design a seamless floor with the narrative of the surrounding architecture - creating flow, rhythm and harmony.

Global Capabilities

At Interface, we live where we work. This may seem fundamental, but it makes us unique in the carpet industry. To be global in thought and action—with outposts and people on the ground in six continents—is truly extraordinary.

Our Mission

In 1994, Ray had his legendary “spear in the chest” epiphany. He shook the foundations of the petroleum-intensive carpet manufacturing industry by declaring that Interface was committed to becoming the world’s first environmentally sustainable—and, ultimately, restorative—company.

Interface Japan



CushionBacRE™ is a real step forward in our Mission Zero™ goal to become the first company globally to be fully sustainable with zero negative impact on our planet by 2020.

LVT Fire Tests

AWTA Product Testing is an independent materials testing facility available to government instrumentalities, industry and the general public. AWTA fire tests provides testing to a broad range of industries within Australasia and international markets. Fire Test Specifications for products manufactured in Asia will be provided by your local account manager, alternatively you may contact us here.

Sustainability certifications and memberships (Asia Pacific)

All Interface products and processes are certified under international and/or local green certification programs. Interface recognises the need for transparency which allows our customers to determine which products best meets their requirements.