Modular Carpet Tile in Higher Education

Designing for the Future

Higher education has a unique opportunity to influence not only the students and staff who occupy the classrooms, residence halls and administrative areas on a campus, but also the community in which it’s located. You can set a strong example of the power of design to create learning, living and working spaces that drive creativity and productivity while working with the environment, not against it.

Long lasting performance and a positive environmental impact
Of course you want to go as easy on budgets and maintenance staffs as you do on the environment. But since Interface's climate neutral, modular carpet tiles install with zero glue and as little as 1.5% waste, are spill- and stain-resistant, and can be individually and quickly replaced, we’re also a sensible option. Higher education institutions that consider the whole life cycle choose Interface because they understand the holistic leveraged impact of their choices.

For K-12 Schools, view here.