Project Case Studies

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Our case studies

Here is a selection of our project case studies that talks about the endless design possibilities of the flooring products and services we offer. If you’re working on an interior design project our Concept Design team is available to discuss your needs and ideas.

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Corporate Office

Whether you’re designing or refurbishing open-plan offices, meeting rooms, social spaces or multi-use areas, we can help you ensure they’re great places to work – and an asset to your organisation.

The design of office spaces has become more advanced, with in increase in the need for community hubs to bring people together. Utilising spaces around the office can help improve the wellbeing and productivity of the people using the spaces.


We offer exactly what you need for your education space. Our modular flooring helps you meet the evolving needs of students and staff, as they need a variety of spaces, all capable of responding as things change. Our flooring products help in keeping the noise down and concentration up. They are slip-resistant, fire-resistant, and free from any allergy-causing chemicals.

By adapting spaces to suit student and staff needs now we can help define the future of the industry and inspire the learners and educators of tomorrow.


With Interface Hospitality, you have modular flooring with the flexibility to meet your changing needs. With the quality, creativity, and sustainability to support your unique brand and an exceptional guest experience.

Our flooring products help in keeping the noise down and the air clean, so your guests feel better and relaxed. Our designs help to enhance their well-being through the soothing effect of connection with nature. In these high-pressure times, we use designs for attaining a state of calm, well-being, and a sense of belonging.