Interface LVT is on the Mark

If you want the look of a hard surface without the noise, Interface Luxury Vinyl Tile with Sound Choice™ backing is the answer. Our LVT is Quiet Mark™ certified for its superior noise reduction properties.

Quiet Mark is the international award program for excellence in low-noise technology and solutions to unwanted noise, associated with the U.K. Noise Abatement Society. Quiet Mark encourages companies worldwide to prioritize noise reduction within the design of everyday products, machines and appliances, providing consumers and industry with a trusted mark of approval to help transform the aural environment for the benefit of all.

Interface LVT significantly outperforms other standard hard surface flooring options such as vinyl composition tile (VCT) and polished concrete, particularly through its ability to reduce impact sounds such as footsteps or dropped objects.

Dawson County High School in Dawsonville, GA put it to the test when their school renovation included Interface LVT. Facility Manager Scott Morgan says, “Everybody loves it. There are two things everybody talks about – that it’s softer on the feet and somehow it just helps with the sound.”