nora® rubber flooring

You need more than a floor.

You need a supportive space that works to improve operations, efficiencies, health, safety, and wellness. Manufactured in Germany for over 70 years, nora rubber flooring drastically reduces maintenance, absorbs noise, provides added comfort underfoot, and is sustainable – with a functional life cycle that lasts for decades. And because of their dense surface, rubber floors are easy to clean, meeting high hygienic standards. See all nora rubber flooring benefits.

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Why nora rubber flooring?

Flooring: the foundation for healthy environments

nora rubber flooring holistically supports the healthcare segment to positively impact patient outcomes. Patients recover better in quiet, hygienic surroundings.

Caregivers who work long shifts, can feel relief from foot, leg, and back pain with added comfort underfoot. Maintenance teams can turn over rooms in half the time with reduced, chemical-free cleaning.

In learning and education environments, nora rubber flooring can help improve attendance and enhance concentration levels. Quiet, healthy spaces reduce unwanted ambient sound and contribute to improved indoor air quality.

nora® Rubber

Our premium rubber flooring brand is a powerhouse combination of quality and functionality. Click on each product for more information and to see all available colour options.

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