Hearing is Believing

We may have different views on what makes the perfect work environment, but we can all agree that unwanted noise isn't part of the equation. Whether it's an office, school, hospital or even your home, sudden, loud or variable noises are irritating and distracting. But did you also know it's bad for you?

If you can hear someone talking while you’re reading or writing, your productivity dips by up to 66%, according to Julian Treasure. At the same time, the rise of open plan, multifunctional workspaces means sound pressure on office workers is increasing. We have collaborated with sound expert Julian Treasure on holistic sound design. As he says in one of his TED Talks: "Architects need to use their ears."

Discover the True Cost of Noise

Managing Noise with Flooring

There are many things you can do to minimise noise in your environment. The simplest, of course, is cutting down on the things that make noise, but that's not really an option when it comes to people.

Other considerations are the layout and interior finishes you're using. Both greatly impact the noise level of a space, and perhaps the largest finishing is your floor. Put that to work for you and see what a difference it makes.

Our enhanced acoustic backing options, SONE® and Interlay, can be used across a large workspace or limited to smaller zoned areas that have more complex needs.

Workplace Acoustics Study

The open office might be an ongoing design trend, but office workers around the world say noise hinders their productivity and concentration. Download this report on the effects of noise in the workplace and how companies can solve for acoustics.