Commercial Office Flooring

Office flooring: Make the workplace a great place

As the design of office spaces becomes more advanced – taking into consideration the well-being and productivity of the people using them and the environmental impact of the materials involved – we’ve developed our modular flooring and support services to meet any brief.

Whether you’re designing or refurbishing open-plan offices, meeting rooms, social spaces or multi-use areas, we can help you ensure they’re great places to work – and an asset to your organisation.

Inspiring case studies

With Interface modular flooring, the design possibilities are endless. Take a look at the selection of case studies we’ve put together to grasp the full, inspiring potential.

Carbon Neutral Floors. All our products. Carbon neutral.

We know your flooring’s impact on global warming, and we can help you move toward your goals on carbon emissions. When you choose our products, we’ll calculate your flooring’s impact and ensure it’s offset – at no extra cost to you. You’ll also receive a certificate and visual assets to help you tell the world you’ve chosen Carbon Neutral Floors™.

New floor for you – new life for your old carpet tiles

So you know choosing Interface is good for the environment. But how can you deal with your old flooring responsibly? With our ReEntry® service, we make sure it doesn’t go into landfill.

We collect it from you, and put it to good use – in one of four ways. If it’s still in fair condition, we pass it to social enterprises, who reuse it in homes or community spaces. If that’s not appropriate, we convert it into other products, or recycle it into new carpet. Or, if it can’t be reused, converted or recycled, we send it to a waste-to-energy facility. Whatever happens, you’re helping local communities, the environment, or both.

Stay up to date

Improving health and happiness through design is becoming increasingly important. New thinking in well-being and biophilic design emerges continually – and our Human Spaces blog can help you keep up to date with the latest developments.