Design a warm welcome
Our integrated system of carpet tile and LVT is available in a range of colours, patterns and textures – making it simple to find your perfect floor. With our modular flooring you can easily highlight different spaces, such as dining areas and check-in counters. Elevate your guests’ experience and create a lasting impression.

Flooring design in action

To see the hospitality spaces we helped bring to life, take a look at our selection of inspiring hospitality case studies.

Shape your space with our experts

With so many colours, designs and textures to choose from, finding your floor can seem overwhelming. Our design studio helps you visualise the unique personality of each space. Then make it reality – with the care and attention that translates to a great guest experience.

Find the latest trends and research on our design blogs.

Our products for hospitality spaces

Our modular flooring offers the best of hard and soft surfaces which work together as a system to create a space your guests will enjoy.

See our selection of featured hospitality products and pattern libraries.



Get closer to nature with biophilic design

Taking inspiration from the world around us, biophilic design uses nature as a blueprint to improve human well-being. Our Human Spaces report explains how integrating Biophilic Design can have a positive impact on guest experiences and your ROI.

Choose modular flexibility

With modular flooring, you can mark out distinct areas to highlight architectural features or reveal subtle surface details. Flooring becomes an adaptable part of your interior finishes. And it’s entirely practical:

Better acoustics – hush disturbing footsteps and loud conversations. With our flooring, you get softer-feeling and greater noise reduction. You and your guests can be assured that noise reduction aspects are integrated across our product lines.

Easy to maintain – our carpet tiles are made with solution-dyed nylon to keep their colour over time, even when harsh cleaning products are used.

Long-lasting LVT – our Ceramor ceramic bead coating means tiles resist scratches and scuffs. While a fibreglass layer between two core sheets adds dimensional stability and flexibility.

Less waste – installing a broadloom carpet creates up to 15% waste. We reduce that to 3 or 4%, and even less if using our non-directional products.

Choose flooring that respects the planet

All our products are carbon neutral. And because we know your flooring’s impact, we can help with your carbon emission goals. We’ll make sure the carbon impact of your flooring is offset – at no extra cost to you. And you’ll receive a certificate to show guests you’ve chosen Carbon Neutral Floors™.