Microtuft. The carpet tile with hard floor benefits.

Our microtuft construction has a very short pile, it uses less yarn and so products with this construction have a lower environmental impact. Microtuft products have other benefits too, including underfoot comfort and acoustic performance of the carpet tile against hard floors is superior. All our products are carbon neutral throughout their full life through our Carbon Neutral Floor™ programme. And, have a 15 year warranty.

Carbon negative, Flash Line is the first microtuft to be created using a combination of speciality yarns and carbon negative materials in our new
CQuest™BioX backing. This creates a carbon negative carpet tile (cradle to gate).

Our Microtuft Products

Less is More

Using life-cycle assessment to measure the environmental impact of our products, we know the choice of materials is vital.

Microtuft flooring uses around 50% less yarn than a typical carpet tile. The processing of the yarn in a carpet tile can cause up to half of its total environmental impact, so using less of this raw material – even when it’s recycled – creates a smaller carbon footprint.

And less yarn doesn’t mean lower quality. In fact, a low-weight, well-constructed dense surface is as hard-wearing as one with a high yarn weight.

Every floor you buy from us – whether carpet, LVT or rubber – is 100% carbon neutral, using our Carbon Neutral Floors™ programme.

Controlling Acoustics

Our tiles with a microtuft construction reduce impact sound by 12-14 dB, whereas hard flooring – such as wood or concrete – reduces it by only 1-6 dB.