NBS Specification Downloads

Interface has an extensive portfolio of environmentally responsible carpet tiles, which conform to the requirements of BS EN 1307. The National Building Specification (NBS) is a system of construction specification used to describe the materials, standards and workmanship of a construction project. To download the NBS specifications for any Interface product, click the corresponding link below. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Barricade One
Drawn Lines
Equal Measure EM553
Employ Dimensions
Heuga 727
Human Connections – Kerbstone
Human Connections – Stone Course
Human Nature HN840
Level Set Collection – Natural Stones
Luxury Living
New Horizons II
NY+LON Streets - Mercer Street
Polichrome Stipple
Series.1 Textured
Touch & Tones 101
Step it Up
The Scandinavian Collection
Urban Retreat UR501
Works Geometry
Works Freestyle
Works Fluid

Barricade Two
Employ Lines
Equal Measure EM552
Heuga 530 II
Human Connections – Moss
Human Connections – Flagstone
Human Nature HN810
Human Nature HN850
Ice Breaker
Level Set Collection – Textured Stones
Near & Far NF400
Net Effect B601
NY+LON Streets - Old Street
Step this Way
Touch & Tones 102
Urban Retreat UR102
Urban Retreat UR303
Walk of Life
Works Balance
World Woven WW860
World Woven WW890
Yuton 104
Brushed Lines
Composure Edge
Employ Loop
Electation III
Heuga 580
Human Connections – Moss in Stone
Human Connections – Paver
Human Nature HN820
Level Set Collection – Natural Woodgrains
Near & Far NF401
Net Effect B602
NY+LON Streets - Broome Street
NY+LON Streets - Reade Street
Off Line
Studio Set
Step Aside
Touch & Tones 103
Urban Retreat UR103
Urban Retreat UR202
Walk the Aisle
World Woven WW865
World Woven WW895
Yuton 105
Equal Measure EM551
Heuga 725
Human Connections – Sett in Stone
Human Connections – Rue
Human Nature HN830
Level Set Collection – Textured Woodgrains
Native Fabric
Net Effect B603
NY+LON Streets - Dover Street
NY+LON Streets - Wheler Street
On Line
Polichrome Solid
Straightforward II
Step in Time
Touch of Timber
Urban Retreat UR101
Urban Retreat UR301
Works Flow
Works Hype
World Woven WW870
World Woven WW880
Yuton 106