High-performance backings – a strong foundation for modular flooring

When you’re choosing flooring, your first thoughts are likely about the colour, design, pattern and texture. But at Interface, we also encourage you to consider the backing – because that’s what helps preserve the long-lasting look, feel and performance of your floor.

In most situations, our standard backings give you everything you need. We supply most of our carpet tiles with a Graphlex® backing, and our LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) come with Sound Choice™ acoustic backing. Both are well suited to most commercial environments and proven to perform in them. But sometimes you might have very specific requirements – maybe because of the way the space will be used, or because of the type of subfloor you’re working with. Whatever you need from a backing, we have it.

All our backings are the result of many years of development by our product material research teams. And we test them to rigorous industry standards, to ensure they do their job – keeping your tiles dimensionally stable, in their place throughout their life, and making them easy to fit and update.

Like everything we make, our backings are designed with sustainability in mind. All of them have high recycled content, and our latest innovation, CQuest™Bio, uses biobased as well as recycled materials, bringing us a step closer to a carbon-negative solution and to our Climate Take Back mission.

Carpet Tile Backing

We supply most of our carpet tiles with a Graphlex® backing as standard. Graphlex is a superb all-rounder. Made from a carbon-polymerised composite with a layer of fibreglass, it guarantees maximum flatness and stability. It is compatible with our glue-free TacTiles® system and forms the sturdy foundation for wall-to-wall installations that will never warp, wrinkle or dome – not even under extreme changes in temperature and humidity. It’s also formulated to ensure the tiles remain in place even with heavy use.

LVT Backing

Our LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) come with Sound Choice acoustic backing as standard. Designed specifically as the integrated backing for our LVT collection, the Sound Choice acoustic backing helps your flooring reduce unwanted sound much more effectively than other hard surfaces. In particular, it reduces impact sound by 16 dB to avoid disturbances between floors and rooms. So it’s especially useful in multistorey office buildings, as well as in education, healthcare and hospitality environments. Interface LVT with Sound Choice backing is compatible with our glue-free TacTiles installation system.

For more information and to view all of our backing options, download our backings brochure.