Backings That Give Back

We are on a mission to lower the carbon footprint of your space. To do this, we are transforming our global backing systems with the launch of our new CQuest™ backings.

Guided by materials science, we’ve added new thinking and innovative new materials to make backings with a much lower carbon footprint – away from the status quo and toward carbon negative.

First, we added new bio-based materials and more recycled content to our backings. Then, we measured how these materials influence the carbon footprint. These new materials, measured on a stand-alone basis, are net carbon negative – reducing our carbon footprint and resulting in carbon negative backings.

Learn more about each of our new CQuest carbon negative backings and get to know our entire backing portfolio equipped to meet your needs.

Carpet Tile and LVT Backings

  • CQuest™GB - The next evolution of our GlasBac backing, CQuestGB features the same superior performance with a construction of post-consumer carpet tiles, bio-based additives, and pre-consumer recycled materials, which are net carbon negative.
  • CQuest<™Bio - This is a non-vinyl backing made with biopolymers and bio-based and recycled fibers, which are net carbon negative.
  • CQuest™BioX - Our most sustainable backing, it has the same material make-up as CQuestBio with a higher concentration of carbon negative materials.
  • GlasBac™ - Our original vinyl backing set the industry standard for performance and is the basis for our CQuestMCGB backing. GlasBac is available while quantities last.
  • CushionBac Renew™ - Our CushionBac Renew backing features a 21 oz. felt cushion that provides high performance, high recycled content, a lower carbon footprint, greater underfoot comfort and increased sound absorption.
  • ReadyBac™ - Made to handle your high moisture projects, ReadyBac features our high performance GlasBac backing with a 4 oz. attached felt cushion. The cushion adds comfort underfoot and directs moisture away from the floor’s substrate, providing protection for up to 99% RH with a pH of 8.0-12.0. Learn More
  • Graphlar® / Graphlex® - These backings are reinforced carbon composite backing systems used with products such as Super Flor™ and Touch of Timber™, which are made in our European facilities. They feature exceptional dimensional stability.
  • Sound Choice™ - The standard backing of our 4.5 mm LVT, Sound Choice offers superior acoustic performance without the expense of underlayment.
  • Criterion - Our Criterion LVT has a lower profile that makes it a perfect with nora premium rubber and our lower profile carpet tiles without sacrificing the exceptional performance you expect.

Installation Products

Interface offers a variety of adhesives and installation products to best fit the needs of your space. This list provides a quick overview of what we offer and the compatible products. For more detailed information like technical data and safety, click the button below.