Flooring this flexible was made for multifamily environments.


There are many different kinds of spaces in multifamily housing – public areas like lobbies and gyms, busy hallways, and of course, the residences. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to flooring, which is why Interface carpet tile and LVT are the perfect choice.

We offer more than just a selection of styles and colours. It’s a dimensionally compatible system of shapes, patterns, colours and textures that allow you almost limitless design flexibility. And you can rest easy knowing that every flooring product you buy from us—whether carpet, LVT, or nora® rubber— is carbon neutral.  

Greener Buildings

Today’s young adults are more green-minded than any generation before them. It’s not just energy savings or building certifications. It’s about greening your entire supply chain operationally, financially and environmentally—and we can help.

Interface is recognized around the world for its environmental leadership. Through ReEntry™, our reclamation and recycling program, we’re diverting carpet tiles and LVT from landfills to create new carpet tiles. We’re also incorporating 100% recycled content type 6 nylon, including recycled fishing nets, into the nylon face of many of our products.

We’re working to create a climate fit for life with Climate Take Back™. One major step we’ve taken toward reducing the carbon in our atmosphere is through our Carbon Neutral Floors™. All of the flooring products that we sell—carpet tile, LVT and rubber—are carbon neutral.

A Smarter Flooring System

Our innovative system of dimensionally compatible glue-free carpet tiles and LVT offers ultimate design flexibility to create visual appeal throughout your building. Move from our hard-working Steady Stride™ LVT in high traffic areas to more relaxed, carpeted spaces in residences.

Install carpet tiles within LVT for inset area rugs or create unique rugs and runners of any shape to install over existing flooring. We’ve partnered with FLOR® to offer your tenants a special discount on the coolest area rugs available.

Easy Does It

The floor is the foundation of any space, and with the abuse floors take from dirt, traffic and spills, you need something that is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Our carpet tiles are made with 100% solution dyed fibres that are resistant to most bleaches, solvents and staining liquids. Daily vacuuming and routine spot and deep cleaning are all that’s needed to keep them looking good.

Our LVT is just as easy. Just dust mop regularly and spot clean with a general cleaner as needed. With Interface, you can be sure your flooring will look new for years to come and will last you well into the next decade.