Reimagining the Workplace

Creating safe, productive spaces for people to return to work, school and other activities requires the flexibility to meet existing and future needs. As a foundational part of design, flooring plays a large role in defining not just the look and feel of a space, but also how it functions. More than ever, material choice is key, and Interface’s modular system of carpet tiles, LVT and rubber flooring offer an inherently versatile solution for what you need now—and later.

What Do You Need Now?

Our high-performance flooring options are dimensionally compatible and designed to work together, allowing you to move from one flooring type to another in complementary colours and styles that meet your space’s unique needs. And because it’s modular, it’s changeable. So, an immediate need (like markers on the floor) doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your design.

And we can help. Contact your rep to connect with our talented designers in the Interface Design Studio. They’re ready to help you find the right solutions for your space.

As you get started, consider these questions: What are your concerns with your existing space? Do you have a specific design aesthetic in mind? What level of budget can you invest right now?

What Does the Future Hold?

Good design is solution-oriented, meaning that some changes you make now will still work in a few years simply because they’re a good idea. Sectioning corridors to create traffic lanes with adequate distance between them may simply seem functional, but when executed well, it can be a beautiful design element that lasts beyond your current need. The same is true of using specific products or colours to delineate workspaces or create wayfinding within large buildings.

Here’s What Interface is Doing Now

While our offices and showrooms are slowly reopening in a phased approach across the country, our customer sales and support teams are still holding virtual consultations. Likewise, our production and shipping facilities are up and running. So, we continue to provide samples and other resources as you need them.

Stay tuned for details about what we’re doing in our own offices as we prepare to return to work.

Carpet Tile and LVT Squares

Creating transitions is easy with Interface styles designed to flow from one to another, allowing you to identify pathways and delineate spaces without abrupt changes. Click the thumbnails below to see product details and additional colorways.

Carpet Planks

Click the thumbnails below to see product details and additional colorways.

LVT Planks

Click the thumbnails below to see product details and additional colorways.