Modular Carpet Tile for Government

Interface supports government’s participation in the greening of Canada.

There is a powerful desire for public buildings that reflect our nation’s increasing need for greater efficiency and sustainability. The Office of Greening Government Operations has issued numerous sustainability goals and many governments at the municipal and provincial levels also have their own clearly defined green missions.

Corporations and businesses have long sought out Interface for counsel on effectively incorporating sustainability policies and practices, and we’re eager to offer the same services to government agencies.

Support at federal, provincial and municipal levels

Government sustainability objectives often affect facility construction, operation and maintenance practices. Our modular carpet tile has a positive impact on all these areas and offers viable solutions for any agency planning to modify its practices regarding resource consumption. We can support you with a thoughtfully conceived and responsive experience, whether you’re a national agency with facilities across the country or a regional office in need of an informed and expert design partner.

A committed partner

We see ourselves as a valuable resource for the government in its war on waste because we have spent decades creating innovative solutions for managing energy usage and waste reduction. For us, this includes pioneering new ways to reuse valuable resources and remaining committed to a sophisticated recycling program.

We see the infinite design possibilities of carpet tile as being inherently tied to our Mission Zero® promise to completely eliminate any negative impact we may have on the environment by 2020.

Government Projects

  • Canadian Artists and Producers

    Location Ottawa, ON  Photos Bruce Quist

  • Navy Federal Heritage Oaks Centre

    Location Pensacola, FL  Photos ©Robbins Photography

  • Troup County Government Centre

    Location LaGrange, GA   Photos Nathan Bolster

  • Atlanta Correctional Facility

    Location Atlanta, GA  Photos ©Jonathan Hillyer