nora® premium rubber flooring

You need more than a floor.


You need a supportive space that works to improve operations, efficiencies, health, safety, and wellness. Manufactured in Germany for over 70 years, nora rubber drastically reduces maintenance, absorbs noise, provides added comfort underfoot, and is sustainable — with a functional life cycle that lasts for decades.

It's about human-centred design.

Creating safer spaces is about human-centred design. And human-centred design, simply put, is informed by people. nora embraces this as a creative, empathetic and collaborative process that results in premium rubber flooring solutions that address barriers in your healing, learning and working environments. Through continual focus groups and design workshops, we gather your needs and design feedback which informs and guides the products we delver to you.

norament® tiles

This classic rubber floor covering is a powerhouse combination of sustainable quality and outstanding functionality. Pressed under high pressure, the tiles possess a thick, dense, non-porous surface. This makes them extremely resistant to wear and supports fast and easy cleaning. Click on each product for more information and to see all available colour options.


Hard wearing, high performance stairrtreads are fundamental to any education or workplace design. They must sustain consistent high traffic whilst maintaining their integrity and aesthetics. With nora integrated stairtreads the balance of function and form is undisputed. All nora stairteads are complaint with Australian standards and come in a variety of norament styles to compliment any space.


nora Case Studies

Care and maintenance

Treating your floor with the proper care and maintenance is critical in delivering your vision and ensuring your floor’s natural beauty and longevity. It all starts with a flawless installation – our installation guides and maintenance recommendations will help you get started while our how-to videos provide an up-close view, step by step. Need more? Our accreditation seminars and on-hand training will provide you with the latest techniques and skills. Whether you are a professional installer or a facilities manager, we have the resources to support you during every step of the installation and maintenance process.

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