Biomimicry—Learning From Nature

It’s not about what we can take from it, but what we can learn from it.

After 3.8 billions years of evolution, nature has produced countless animals, plants and microbes that are the engineers of our planet. In a practise called biomimicry—from the Greek bios for “life” and mimesis meaning “to imitate”—curious designers and innovators in many industries have been emulating the time-tested strategies of the other 30 million species on earth. By following biological successes, we have begun to change everything from how we grow food and maintain health to how we package and transport goods. When it comes to creating more sustainable products, processes and systems, Interface takes inspiration from nature’s genius.

The random beauty of the forest floor prompted the development of Entropy®, which became the first in a whole new category of carpet tiles—i2®. The unique patterning and coloring of i2 carpet tiles allow for easy installation and replacement with less waste, while eliminating dye lot issues and the need for traditional glue adhesives. Many i2 styles install non directionally, without regard to direction or orientation, reducing waste to an average 1.5% and making installation even faster.

Inspired by the intermolecular force that allows animals like the gecko to seemingly magically adhere to surfaces, Interface created TacTiles®, a glue-free carpet installation system that uses connectors to adhere carpet tiles together rather than to the floor. The result of innovations like these is clean, efficient technology that brings the supply chain and our society closer to a sustainable future.