Health Care & the essence of transforming patient lives

When a carpet tile reflects the patterns, textures and colours of nature, it can use this visual and sensory impact to help build therapeutic and restorative effects into Health Care spaces.

These biophilic design principles are at the core of our dedicated to health care Essence Collections. They form a reconnection to the natural world which can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and aid recovery through a sense of energy and well being in patients.

Based on visual elements which reflect a natural landscape, Essence is easy to maintain with patented anti-microbial protection. Organic, subtle and luxurious, in combination with Intersept®, each floor prevents infection and minimises odour - guaranteed for the life of the product. Improved air quality plus outstanding sound absorption creates quieter environments while anti-fatigue softness gives extra comfort to patients and staff.

Australia's latest Essence Health Care Collection III is available now, in a colour palette developed specifically from our wider Health Care experience and knowledge. A natural step forward from previous collections, each design element is carefully considered to lead to the creation of naturally nurturing Health Care spaces - the very essence of transforming patients lives and outlooks.

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